UG First Allotment List ( College List)

Jai Prakash University, Chapra

First Allotment List

** The allocation in the merit list is provisionally confirming your admission. The admission will be confirmed after verification of all concerned and required document by the respective colleges.

** The methodology of preparation for UG merit list is Merit cum choice method..

** The merit list has prepared on the basis of applicant’s 1st subject choice..

** The provided fee structure will be applicable for all students. Click Here for UG fee structure.

** Click Here for UG Admission Notification Sem 1.

No College Name Allotment List
1 Rajendra College,Chapra,Saran Click Here
2 Jagdam College,Chapra,Saran Click Here
3 Ram Jaipal College,Chapra,Saran Click Here
4 P.C.Vigyan College,Chapra,Saran Click Here
5 Ganga Singh College,Chapra,Saran Click Here
6 J.L.C College,Chapra,Saran Click Here
7 J.P.M College,Chapra,Saran Click Here
8 Y.N. College,Dighwara,Saran Click Here
9 P.N. College,Parsa,Saran Click Here
10 H.R. College,Amnour,Saran Click Here
11 N.L.S. College,Daudpur-Jaitpur,Saran Click Here
12 D.A.V. College,Siwan Click Here
13 V.B.M. College,Siwan Click Here
14 Raja Singh College,Siwan Click Here
15 R.B.G.R College,Maharajganj,Siwan Click Here
16 Narayan College, Goreakothi,Siwan Click Here
17 H.R. College, Mairwa,Siwan Click Here
18 Kamla Rai College,Gopalganj Click Here
19 M.M. College,Gopalganj Click Here
20 Gopeshwar College,Hathwa,Gopalganj Click Here
21 B.P.S College,Bhore,,Gopalganj Click Here
22 P.R. College,Sonpur,Saran Click Here
23 S.M.D. College,Netua Jalalpur,Gopalganj Click Here
24 Dr.P.N.Singh Degree College,Chapra,Saran Click Here
25 Lok Mahavidyalaya Hafizpur,Baniyapur,Saran Click Here
26 D.P.R Degree College,Siwan Click Here
27 D.B.S.D. College,Kadna,Saran Click Here
28 B.D.S.M.M College,Chapra,Saran Click Here
29 Deshratna Rajendra Degree College,Ziradei,Siwan Click Here
30 M.H. Degree College,Tarwara,Siwan Click Here
31 Shree Kant Babu Degree College, Belbanwa kuchaikot, Gopalganj Click Here
32 Mata Rojhani devi Chathu Ram Degree College, Mairwa Siwan Click Here